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World Fair Trade Day

A day to celebrate fair trade in all its forms, and focus on the people who are at its heart.

What is World Fair Trade Day?

Fairtrade as an independent certification system is part of a larger global trade justice movement that is celebrated each year on the second Saturday in May. The movement encompasses:

  • millions of small-scale farmers, agricultural and textile workers, artisans, and others in the Global South;
  • thousands of businesses around the world who are dedicated to changing the way trade works and building sustainable supply chains;
  • certifications systems such as Fairtrade; and
  • campaigners who use their ethical values to help grow the movement.

We celebrate as a movement to honour the successes we’ve all achieved so far, and to acknowledge the work still needed to make trade fairer for producers, and sustainably transform their lives and communities.

How can I participate in World Fair Trade Day?

In Canada, we celebrate World Fair Trade Day as part of our Fairtrade Month which takes place every May. We bring together our business partners, retailers, and campaigners to raise public awareness of the fair trade movement through public education events, business promotions, and other activities.

Visit our Fairtrade Month section to learn more about what you can do to take action.

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