2019 was a year of big bets and leaps forward. Our bet that we could run a successful Fairtrade banana campaign, shaping the way forward for more Fairtrade fruit on shelf.

By bringing Brad Hill, the responsible retailing pioneer from The Coop in the UK to speak to Canadian retailers about how Fairtrade could invigorate their business sustainability, we made the bet that this would ignite a new spark. And it sure did.

Our bet that if we organized specialty coffee cuppings to highlight the crème de la crème of Fairtrade coffees, we could prove that sustainability and quality go hand in hand.

Our bet that if we aimed high and significantly increased the cocoa Fairtrade minimum price towards a living income, commercial partners would stand in solidarity with Ivorian and Ghanaian cocoa farmers.

Our bets paid off, Canadians responded. We saw double-digit growth in all of our main product categories and a renewed energy across our grassroots movement.

Fairtrade farmers and workers face large risks; from climate change to the new reality of a COVID-impacted world. The pandemic is hurting the most vulnerable in disproportionate ways and deeply altering our relationship to food. As the year behind has taught us, we have to take bold actions if we are to be successful at building a different kind of economy. We will take that bet again, that we can, together, rebuild a better, fairer world.

Read our online annual report for an overview of our work, and to see how Canadian businesses and consumers are making an impact for Producers in the Global South.

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