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Business Resources

You’ve committed to sustainable trade, now let’s get you out there! Here are some business resources to help sell and communicate your Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade Purchasing Guide

The Fairtrade Purchasing Guide will help you connect with local companies that can provide you with the best Fairtrade solution.

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Point of Sale Promotional Materials

We provide promotional materials at no charge to business partners and retailers that help you attract consumer attention to Fairtrade products and explain how your sustainable sourcing practices benefit farmers and workers in the Global South.

Communicating about Fairtrade


Deepen the understanding of your Fairtrade journey with a blog post. We’ll work with your Marketing Team to post a guest blog or interview across Fairtrade Canada’s channels, or we can help you craft content to host on your blog. 

Coffee Cooperative Michiza

Fair Trade Landing Page

A landing page can be a simple, fun way to build your brand connection with Fairtrade like the one Kicking Horse created. We’ll help you source producer images, impact stories, key talking points, and the latest data that will help you craft your Fairtrade story. 

Social media engagement

We love to spread the love on social media! With an active presence across all major channels, social media is a great way to connect with our diverse, multi-generational audience of ethical consumers. We often work with brands on social media take-overs, giveaways, and other fun and engaging initiatives. 

Our Future Academy is an early years school in Akwapuro, Asunafo North, Ghana. The school was constructed using Fairtrade Premium.

Email Announcement

Fairtrade Canada’s newsletters are a great tool for promoting your Fairtrade offering. We include new product launches, blog or news posts, and promote other collaborations we are partnering on.

Looking for content for your newsletter? We’re happy to provide high-quality farmer photos, videos and quotes for this.

Press Release

Consider issuing a Press Release for your new Fairtrade offering to promote to media and trade publications. Fairtrade Canada is always happy to support your PR efforts with quotes, images, and impact data. We even do joint Press Releases!

Awa Traoré is the General Director of CAYAT, a cocoa and coffee farming cooperative based around the towns of Adzopé and Yakassé - Attobrou in the South East of Côte d’Ivoire. Here she speaks on Radio CAYAT – a premium funded project to communicate important messages to farmers across the region in remote areas.

Product Launch Form 

When you are ready to launch a new Fairtrade product, fill out the Product Launch Form so our Marketing Team can help you to promote it.

Digital Resources

Now it’s your turn to take your Fairtrade story and make it your own! Browse our library of digital resources that will help you share your story and why you are committed to a fairer future.

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Just send us a message!

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